Procedures and Policies

Rent is to be paid on the first day of each month.

Late charges start the second day of each month and continue until rent is paid in full.

5 Day Pay or Quit notices may be sent out on the second day of the month. During the 5 Day Pay or Quit, payments will only be accepted in full including late fees. Payment may be refused.

If you are more than one month late in paying rent. Any payment accepted will be for the earliest month late. (If you are late in January and February. Payment will be accepted for January rent and January late fees first. Before February rent and February late fees.)

Air Filters must be changed monthly. If unchanged it will clog the indoor coil and restrict cooling. Which will increase your power bill and decrease the life expectancy of Air Conditioner. Fees for repair due to lack of filter changes will be charged to the tenant. Coil Cleaning fee $250.00

 24 Hour notice for maintenance: If a tenant enacts the 24 hour notice for maintenance. They will be responsible for any damage to home due to delay of maintenance. Idaho does not have a 24 hour notice of maintenance code or law. It is the option of the Tenant and Property Manager/Owner to agree on a procedure.

Maintenance will be preformed between 7am and 2pm with a minimum of 12 hour notification. Monday through Friday. Emergencies will be repaired as soon as possible. Emergencies include Cooling, Heating, Smoke, Fire, Water Leaks, Electrical issues such as sparking or unusual noise from electric devices.

When pets are accepted: No cats. They damage homes too often and severely. Dogs will be limited to 30 pounds maximum and maintenance personnel must be able to access home during normal working hours without fear of pet or restriction/confinement of pet. Pets will be pictured and on rental contract/lease and home must have doggy door installed prior to move in for pet safety/comfort, at tenants expense. 

Inspections may be made twice a year. This inspection is to check for damage or needed repair to home. To insure proper operation of home, safety and appliances, such as:

 Test A/C temperatures and pressure.  Test Heater temperature.

Leaking water pipes.

To ask Tenants of any questions or concerns .Or Tenants to ask questions or concerns.

Change Air A/C Heater Filter.

Vent temperatures, to insure no leaks in the attic or crawl space.

Water Heater temperature at nearest facet and inspect for leaking, damage and age.

Check Oven Temperature @ 400 Degrees and stove flame or burner temperature.

Check Refrigerator Temperature, Check Freezer Temperature as well as clean coils

Test garbage disposal.

Test fireplace.

Check windows open and shut, exterior screens.

Check Dryer temperature, vent and screens.

Test GFI in Kitchen, Garage and Bathrooms.

Check Toilets if they run or leak.

Check Microwave.

Check for broken glass or Mirrors.

Check Door conditions.

Check flooring conditions.

Check wall conditions.

Check ceiling for stains or damage.

Check the number of Animals/Pets  and type.

Check number of tenants/occupants.

Check for RV, Trailer or Disabled vehicles.

Check Paint and Siding condition.

Check Roof and Gutter condition.

Check shower heads and drain stoppers.

Check Smoke and C/O detectors. Change batteries.

If any of these have not been checked in the past year please contact

Michael Dudley @ 702-301-1820 or 208-249-7423

See my newest Inspection Forms on my Inspection Form page.


Inspection Form Link

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